What Giants’ Dante Pettis learned from World Series-coaching Dad

Of the two memorabilia collections to mark the great hands in the family, Gary Pettis’ is more valuable, but his son’s is much larger.

Not much time is spent in the Pettis household joking around about which is more impressive between Gary’s five Gold Gloves from an 11-year MLB career — proudly displayed on top of an entertainment center, positioned under a spotlight— and Dante Pettis’ footballs kept from each of his NCAA-record nine punt return touchdowns. This father-son duo is all about supporting each other’s achievements.

“The biggest piece of advice I hear in my head is his mentality,” Dante, a New York Giants receiver, told The Post before Gary’s Astros fell 6-2 to the Braves in Game 1 of the World Series. “If his team ever brought someone else in, another outfielder, he said, ‘OK, he might be more talented, be able to hit better, but he’ll never be able to outwork me.’ ”

Take a look at Sunday, when Gary, the Houston Astros’ third-base coach, wore a Giants hat during the team’s pre-World Series workout. About 1,600 miles away, Dante was the surprise star of the Giants’ win who unveiled an Astros-themed touchdown celebration and slipped a “Go ’Stros!” into his postgame interview in a city whose Yankees fans revile the American League champs over a 2017 sign-stealing scandal.

Giants receiver Dante Pettis has spent plenty of time around the ballpark with his dad, Gary, the Astros’…

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