Wes Unseld Jr. prefers home court in the playoffs to ending Wizards’ 50-win drought

It’s been a long time since the Wizards won 50 games in a regular season.

How long? To put it in perspective, the team was still named the Bullets. Oh, and their best player, Wes Unseld? His son is now the Wizards’ head coach. 

Since the 1978-79 season, when the Bullets won 54 games as the defending NBA champions but lost in the Finals to Seattle, 42 teams have tried and failed to reach that mark again. A few teams came close, like the 45-win Wizards led by Gilbert Arenas in 2005 or John Wall and Bradley Beal’s group in 2017 that won 49 games, but 50 continues to be an elusive total for the franchise. 

This year’s team could be the one to do it, though. They’re out to a strong 14-8 start, play good defense and can go 11-deep in their rotation not counting Rui Hachimura and Thomas Bryant, who’ve yet to play this season. 

However, when asked whether he believes this group is a 50-win team, Wes Unseld Jr. made sure to focus on something a bit more important. 

“I’d love to say yes, but I don’t want to ever put a number on it,” Unseld Jr. told the Sports Junkies Friday. “Our biggest concern is we want to be a playoff team and ideally, that’s with home-court advantage. And I think last year and [for home court] you’re hovering around 48 wins, so you know, that’d…

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