Way back when, Canucks were one of the first NHL team to have ads on sweaters

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It’s a forgotten bit of NHL history, but the Vancouver Canucks sold sweater space to sponsors decades ago.

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Patrick Johnston

During the 1994 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Vancouver Canucks added Gatorade to their practice sweaters. PNG files Article content

NHL teams wearing ads on sweaters isn’t exactly a new thing, despite the framing of this week’s announcement that the NHL will permit teams to put ads on their game sweaters for the 2022-23 season.


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Long-time Vancouver Canucks fans wouldn’t be wrong if they found themselves thinking, “Hey, didn’t the Canucks used to do that?”

They did. Twice.

In the late 1980s and again for about a year in the mid-90s, the Canucks wore sponsor patches on their practice sweaters.

“We asked for forgiveness, but eventually they stopped us,” former team owner Arthur Griffiths told Postmedia Thursday, about their second effort to raise sponsorship funds in 1994.

Things did not go well with the NHL when they told the league’s bosses — during the 1994 Stanley Cup playoffs — that they were trying out a new revenue stream by signing a deal with Gatorade to have the sports drink’s logo on their practice sweater.

“We were trying to find new revenue streams because of the Canadian dollar. We said it was either…

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