Warriors’ Steve Kerr struggling with the NBA reality he warned us was coming

Steve Kerr tried to warn us.

During the Warriors’ five-season run of glory Kerr said, time and again, “This is not reality.”

Kerr prepared us, the media and fans, for that cold NBA reality, but was he prepared? Not only have the Warriors fallen back Earth with a thud, but so has Kerr.

For years, even the pickiest of nitpickers found little fault with Kerr’s coaching. Now? As the Warriors risk sliding from mediocrity toward Lotteryland, critics are lining up to rip the genius coach.

Does Kerr deserve the heat? Absolutely. If you give a coach credit for his team going to the NBA Finals five years in a row, it’s fair to criticize him when the team goes South.

Before the Warriors’ spirited win over the Bucks Tuesday night, Kerr’s report card for the 2020-21 school year was not looking good. I probably would have given him a C for the season to date. Judging by the local chatter from the professional and amateur analysts, I would have been generous.

Three of the main red-ink comments on Kerr’s report card under “Needs improvement”:

• His inconsistent use of rookie center James Wiseman. In the starting lineup, then out, then in. In the doghouse, then out. Minutes, up and down.

• Kerr’s stubborn eschewing of the pick-and-roll, which is all the rage in the NBA. Stephen Curry is a great pick-and-roll guy. Wouldn’t more P&R speed development of the chemistry…

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