Warriors and Rakuten Announce Partnership Renewal

The Golden State Warriors and Rakuten Group, Inc. have renewed their historic multi-year partnership, maintaining Rakuten’s status as official jersey badge partner of the Warriors. Over the last five seasons, the Warriors jersey badge has been a key contributor to the explosive growth of Rakuten’s U.S. consumer brand recognition derived from broadcast, digital and social media impressions. In the new extended term, Rakuten’s logo will continue to be featured as a badge on all Warriors uniforms as it has since 2017 when the Warriors welcomed Rakuten as their first-ever jersey badge partner.

“Since the inception of our momentous partnership, Rakuten has proven to be an incredible partner,” said Warriors President and Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Schneider. “Our relationship is steeped in mutual respect, aligned values and a strong drive to innovate. Over the last five years, we have reached historic milestones through enhanced player and fan experiences around the world. As we embark on the next phase of this partnership, we will continue to introduce and drive Warriors fans’ awareness of Rakuten to enhance their shopping experience. We look forward to providing more historic moments and engaging experiences for our fans worldwide.” “The Warriors exemplify the best of innovation, teamwork and optimism, all of which align with our core values,” said Amit Patel, Chief Executive Officer at Rakuten Americas. “We are proud to partner with a world-class organization like the Warriors that has used unusual creativity and excellence to become…

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