Waiting is brutal, but early steps of Bears’ rebuild are on right track

It’s understandable to be confused by your feelings about the Bears right now.

There’s good cause for long-term optimism based on the way general manager Ryan Poles and coach Matt Eberflus have maneuvered through their first few months on the job. But they also need patience, which is a massive ask for what feels like the 30th year in a row.

Bears fans are just nine months removed from Matt Nagy telling them his fourth season was the one in which the offense would finally take flight. Their cynicism is warranted.

But for those with the stomach to accept that fixing the franchise is a multi-year process and the upcoming season might be tough to watch — So were the last three, so what’s the difference? — as Poles remains in the demolition phase, there are signs that this is headed the right way.

There’s no guarantee Poles and Eberflus will be the ones to finally strike gold, but their initial steps have been sound.

Poles’ patience might be maddening, especially with his underwhelming, budget-friendly moves at wide receiver, but it’s one of his strengths. He would’ve been foolish to believe this roster, which went 22-27 the last three seasons, merited splashy acquisitions immediately. He’s right to prioritize 2023.

“We can’tfixeverything in one year,” he acknowledged last month. “But we sure can just keep chipping away and just improving.”

Is that frustrating to hear, yet again? Of course. But is…

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