Vikings’ Chad Beebe got ‘never-give-up attitude’ from his father

After overcoming a lost fumble on a muffed punt to score the winning touchdown Sunday against Carolina, Vikings wide receiver Chad Beebe talked about having a “never-give-up attitude.’’ He can thank his father for that.

Don Beebe was known for his perseverance as an NFL receiver from 1989-97, perhaps best exemplified in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XVII in January 1993.

With his Buffalo Bills on their way to being blown out 52-17 by the Dallas Cowboys, Beebe relentlessly pursued Leon Lett as the defensive lineman returned a fumble for what looked like a sure touchdown. But Lett celebrated before reaching the goal line, and Beebe knocked the ball out of his hands for a touchback.

Against the Panthers at U.S. Bank Stadium, Chad Beebe muffed a punt and lost a fumble with 2:10 left that could have cost Minnesota the game. Carolina recovered at the Vikings’ 9-yard line but was held to a field goal that kept the Vikings alive — and they won on Kirk Cousins’ 10-yard touchdown pass to Beebe with 46 seconds remaining.

“When I raised him, I said, ‘This is your life. Whatever you choose to do, I really don’t care,’ ” Don Beebe said in a phone interview. “All I said, as his dad, was, ‘Be the best you can be.’ He just happened to choose the same profession, and I said, ‘Never give up. Giving up is not an option, period, in…

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