Upon further review: Coaching candidates’ stock rises, falls on wild-card weekend


Brian Daboll: The Bills’ 46-year-old offensive coordinator became an even hotter head coaching candidate by basically calling the perfect game against Bill Belichick. With eight possessions, the Bills scored seven touchdowns and took a knee in a 30-point win. Josh Allen had fewer incompletions (four) than touchdown passes (five), the running game cranked out 174 yards and a 6.0 average, and 6 of 7 third downs were converted. Not a bad night for a guy who spent 11 seasons as a Belichick assistant.

Deebo Samuel: There isn’t a running back in the league who runs harder or is more physical coming out of the backfield than Samuel, a 49ers receiver. The player who edged the Vikings’ Justin Jefferson for a spot on the Associated Press’ first-team All-Pro squad averaged 7.2 yards on 10 carries with a 26-yard touchdown as San Francisco beat Dallas to become the only one of the six road teams to win on Super Wild-Card Weekend.

Matthew Stafford: A few months ago, Vikings Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton held the record for most starts by a quarterback before winning a playoff game (174). Stafford passed him and was at 186 starts, including playoffs, when his Rams beat the Cardinals 34-11 on Monday night. The outcome didn’t require much heavy lifting on Stafford’s part. While the Cardinals’ Kyler & Kingsbury Flop was unfolding, Stafford was completing just 13 of 17 passes for 202 yards, two touchdowns,…

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