Tyler O’Neill and Robert Thomas: potential cornerstones or intriguing trade chips?


Cardinals and Blues fans are desperate to improve their teams. In his weekly chat, Jeff Gordon runs through some scenarios proposed by readers. 

Q: Tyler O’Neill’s long awaited breakout seems to have finally happened this season, though the fact that Tyler has hit nearly as many 450+foot home runs (4) this season as he has walks (5) is a little concerning. While it’s unlikely O’Neil finishes the season hitting anywhere near .290, have you seen enough from Tyler to convince you that this type of performance is now more the norm and not just a long hot streak from a very streaky player?

St. Louis Cardinals Tyler O’Neill is welcomed by Nolan Arenado after hitting a two run home run in the third inning, scoring Arenado, against the Cleveland Indians. Photo by Robert Cohen

 A: His speed is the element that gives him a chance to become a nucleus-caliber player. It allows him to beat out some dribblers here and there to boost his batting average. Yes, he needs to draw more walks — but so far he is laying off enough bad pitches to consistently put balls in play. His speed on the bases is a plus, as is his fielding.

Add it all up and he could become a big long-term piece here along with Dylan Carlson.

Q: Please don’t panic. I am in no way advocating for what my question is for you. Simply chat fodder.…

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