Two women describe their accusations against Deshaun Watson, while his lawyer asks “what evidence is there of any guilt?” in excerpts of HBO interviews

One of Deshaun Watson’s accusers believes he threatened her after she objected to his actions during a massage therapy appointment.

Another called it “sick” that the Browns gave Watson, a three-time Pro Bowl quarterback, a fully guaranteed $230 million contract despite 24 women accusing him of sexual misconduct.

Ashley Solis and Kyla Hayes gave their first national-TV interviews to HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” in a story that will first air tonight at 10. The Chronicle-Telegram received excerpts of the interviews, including with one of Watson’s attorneys.

Solis and Hayes are among the 22 women with active civil lawsuits against Watson, who continues to deny any wrongdoing.

Two of Deshaun Watson’s accusers do on-the-record interviews with HBO’s “Real Sports”

“As I’m working, he deliberately grabs himself and put his penis on my hand,” Solis said during the interview with Soledad O’Brien. “And I pulled my hand away instantly and I started crying. And I told him that I’m done. I don’t wanna do this anymore.”

Solis said Watson had a parting message.

“He just said, ‘I know you have a career to protect.’ And ‘I know you don’t want anyone messing with it just like I don’t want anyone messing with mine,’” Solis said. “To me, that’s when I got really scared.

“Because that sounded like a threat to me.”

Watson, who declined an interview with HBO citing the ongoing NFL investigation, denies the exchange.

Hayes described her interaction…

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