‘Twins’ Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson reflect on disappointing end while looking to future with Suns

There’s still no rational reason that the Phoenix Suns failed to show for their Game 7 in the second round of the playoffs last Sunday in front of a crowd that was so so ready to help carry them to victory.

I mean, they played so bad, even from the jump, that the fans had no chance to even provide any assistance. Dallas started the game up 5-0 on a pair of Doncic bombs and took leads of 10-3 and 21-10 that looked closer to 50-5 than the actual score.

“We were flat. We came out flat,” Suns General Manager James Jones said to media this week. “Offensively, we struggled, and they made shots. And I thought after that, it became a grind, an uphill battle to recapture some of our momentum, some of our flow, some of our confidence. And they continued to make shots.”

Among the very short list of players who agreed to talk to media after the awful game, the self-proclaimed ‘twins’ both came out to share their disappointment with a room full of shocked media looking for answers.

“I wish I had an answer for it, because then we could have addressed it, nipped it in the bud,” Suns forward Cameron Johnson said. “And then…I don’t even have much more to add to that. It is frustrating though, it is frustrating.”

“It hurts,” Mikal Bridges said simply.

“We didn’t step up to that challenge today,”…

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