Turning the page: Story’s slow start a thing of the past

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The beginning of the baseball season can bring out the most irrational thoughts.

This especially happens regarding players who sign with a big-market team for the first time and have the gall to get off to a slow start at the plate.

The career shortstop, who moved to second base when he signed a six-year, $140 million contract with the Red Sox, got off to a brutal start.

This is when the minds of some fans started to wander. Is he the next Carl Crawford? Could he be Pablo Sandoval? Fans are always scarred by the moves that don’t work out, which can cause them to jump to early conclusions with the most recent big acquisition.

Over the last week and change, however, Story has calmed down Red Sox Nation with an eye-popping display of hitting that has turned his meager start into a distant memory.

When Story arrived at Fenway Park to start the club’s last homestand, he was hitting .196 with one homer and a .561 OPS. The hot-take theories started to abound: Story couldn’t survive without the thin air of Colorado. The fan and media pressure had to be getting to him.

But it turns out that Story just needed some time to settle in. And once he did,…

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