Training Camp 8/2/21: Notes and Quotes

“As for Houston, it’s been all football for me,” Brooks said. “I’ll get out there at some point but right now, we’re all ball.”

Culley rounded up the team mid-practice for a quick huddle. Players and coaches gathered around to listen to what the head coach had to say before the next period began. Culley said that the first few days of camp have been what he’s expected from the team.

“I expected great effort,” Culley said. “I expected the enthusiasm and I expect that from them because they know that they’re going to get that from us as coaches. It’s been exactly what I want.”

Justin Reid said eight-year veteran Terrance Mitchell is his “favorite guy to play Cover-2 with because of what he brings.

“So far, he’s my favorite guy to play Cover-2 with,” Reid said. “He’s just a physical corner. He’s very smart, he’s competitive. He’ll compete on every play, man coverage, zone coverage, very enthusiastic and positive. Doesn’t bring any negativity to the team, great guy.”

Mitchell described wide receiver Anthony Miller as “Quick, real quick” but also added that all the receivers present challenges.

The practice ended with the team singing “Happy Birthday” to Laremy Tunsil inside the huddle.

Tunsil turned 27 on Monday.

Players are excited and ready to get to work with pads on Tuesday.

“It’s like the first day of school,” Reid said.

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