Top 5 very serious critical important questions facing the Boston Celtics, seriously

The Boston Celtics are an NBA basketball team that plays basketball in the NBA. They are dealing with the challenges of playing in an era that has been plagued by COVID-19. There was a presidential inauguration recently. Google, Amazon, and Facebook are names of companies. Nobody is reading this first paragraph and I’m told that the more search engine friendly words you include in the first 250 characters the better. Not that we would do that here.

There are critical issues facing the Celtics and I have thought of all of them. They also happen to fit into 5 bite sized topics that I totally have thought all the way through before beginning writing them. Here they are.

  1. What is Payton Pritchard’s nickname?

Clearly there can be only one nickname. All others must be shunned and shamed. But which should we choose? Should it be P-Rabbit or 8 Mile? Should it be FastPP? Or perhaps Dean Pritchard (for the Dead Poets fans out there)? The topic is tearing our nation apart and we need closure. We need unity. We need a poll to end all debates and make a definitive decision that will definitely not change in the next 15 minutes.


Payton Pritchard’s nickname should be…

  • 38%

    (240 votes)

  • 20%
    8 Mile

    (130 votes)

  • 21%

    (134 votes)

  • 3%
    Dean Pritchard

    (20 votes)

  • 15%
    Polls are stuipd u luzer

    (97 votes)

621 votes total Vote Now

2. What…

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