Tony Siragusa’s unique approach to life left mark on everyone he met

A little more than 13 years ago, I ventured over to Tony Siragusa’s New Jersey home and asked him what he recalled about his father dying from a heart attack at age 48.

“In the middle of the night, my mother just started screaming, so me and my brother went over and started giving him CPR, tried to keep him alive a little bit,” he said.

Then I asked him if that was why he has said, “I live every day like it’s my last?”

And Tony Siragusa told me: “I think that people take it for granted. … ‘I’m gonna do this tomorrow.’ Tomorrow might not be here, brother.”

Sadly, the football world learned on Wednesday that tomorrow will not be here for Tony Siragusa.

The larger-than-life former Colt and Raven and irreverent Fox sideline reporter and analyst who answered to “Goose,” passed away suddenly at his home at age 55. The cause of death was not immediately known. He is survived by his wife Kathy and three children.

Colts owner Jim Irsay and Ravens owners Steve and Renee Bisciotti expressed heartbreak in respective statements.

Tony Siragusa celebrates the Ravens winning the Super Bowl in 2000.AFP via Getty Images

“I’m heartbroken, as is all of Colts Nation,” Irsay said.

“This is a tremendously sad day for the Baltimore Ravens,” Bisciotti said.

Siragusa was an undrafted and unfiltered nose tackle out of the University of Pittsburgh, an immovable 6-foot-3, 350-pound…

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