Tomáš Satoranský supports Coby White for Bulls’ starting point guard

Tomáš Satoranský sees a different Coby White than this time last season.

“I see the confidence and the lessons he learned. That stretch he had after All-Star break definitely has helped him,” Satoranský told reporters over Zoom as part of his media week availability session. “He’s been great on decision-making. Everybody talking about him being the scorer, but I think he’s a great decision-maker and he should be still trying to work on it. He does. He competes in every practice. That’s the way how you should approach that. He is doing a good job.”

Combine that with Lauri Markkanen saying that White has been noticeably more vocal, and a theme begins to emerge around White’s maturation: It’s happening in real time.

Is that sentiment enough to earn the Bulls’ starting point guard spot out of camp? It’s certainly trending in that direction. Earlier in media week — while declining to yet declare an opening night starting five — Billy Donovan said he envisions White being the team’s “primary ball-handler.”

White insisted he’s not operating as if he is, or is certain to be, named the starter. But he confirmed that Donovan relayed that sentiment, saying he’s spent the offseason honing his pick-and-roll decision-making and that he wants to be the team’s “head point guard.”

Again, no declarations have been made. But Satoranský acknowledged White being the opening night starter as a likely — and deserved — outcome.

“I think…

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