Tom Brady’s biggest Super Bowl challenge lies in Patrick Mahomes

Forget that Tom Brady will be nearly two weeks closer to his 44th birthday when he stalks his seventh Super Bowl championship now that he has ripped Father Time’s heart out of his chest and showed it to him.

Super Bowl 2021 won’t be his toughest challenge of them all because of his age.

It will be because he’ll have to beat Patrick Mahomes.

Tom versus Terrific.

It isn’t the greatest Super Bowl quarterback showdown — Joe Montana versus John Elway in Super Bowl 24 wins that honor — but it is America’s dream matchup, and it is the most compelling of them all because:

It pits Brady’s iconic status and relentless drive for even more history with a new franchise, which will be the first to play a Super Bowl in its own stadium, against the breathtaking wunderkind with the magic arm and imagination who plays as if he were in the playground and never met a comeback he didn’t like.

And the elephant outside the room named Bill Belichick only adds to the intrigue — vindication for Brady no matter what happens next, temporary vilification in some circles for Belichick, on the outside of the playoffs after all this time looking in.

The Super Bowl is so often decided by the quarterback duel, and Mahomes is the best quarterback Brady has confronted on the last Sunday of the season.

Brady hasn’t always showed up as Superman at the…

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