Tom Brady still feels like a ‘14-year-old kid’ when completing the perfect pass

TAMPA — Tom Brady has played 46 postseason games, the equivalent of nearly three NFL regular seasons.

But it never gets old. What makes the 44-year-old quarterback want to keep throwing the football?

It’s as simple as the feeling he had when completing a 36-yard touchdown pass to Mike Evans in Sunday’s 31-15 win over Philadelphia in an NFC wild-card game.

“I think whoever has played different sports, it’s swishing a free throw or flushing a 7-iron,” Brady said Monday on his Let’s Go! podcast. “I mean, when you hit a 7-iron perfect, everyone knows that feeling. And the only thing you want to do is do it again and it’s really hard to do. That’s what you do when you throw a perfect pass. It’s really hard to do.

“I threw a ball to Mike (Sunday) and that’s as good as I can throw a ball. I dropped back, I kind of read the coverage and Mike really ran an unbelievably good route and I threw the ball literally in stride, the perfect aim, accuracy, velocity, technique. … And as much as I want to do it every time, it’s still very challenging for me. It’s the love of the game, it’s the love of preparation, the love of study, the mental, the physical, the emotional.

“But when it comes down to it, a lot of times you still feel like a 14-year-old kid.”

Among the other things Brady…

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