Tom Brady must elevate Buccaneers teammates to survive Rams’ challenge

Even now, midway between his 44th and 45th birthdays, Tom Brady somehow still stands tall and defiant as a marvel of modern science, stalking an eighth Lombardi Trophy that would stamp him officially as the Eighth Wonder of the football world. 

Brady hasn’t rallied everyone to his side — certainly not anyone who prefers David over Goliath, or anyone who can’t forgive and forget Deflategate, or everyone jealous that he is married to Gisele Bundchen and they are not — but there are Patriots fans rooting for him again as a Buccaneer, forever young and geriatric fans rooting for him again, fans of greatness rooting for him again, as he continues his merciless march to another fairytale ending … where he would become the first quarterback to repeat as Super Bowl champion since … Tom Brady. 

There are media people who have taken to unfounded speculation that Brady will retire whenever this season ends, that he will have nothing more to prove. 

That isn’t the way anyone should root. 

Asked about a possible Brady retirement, Bruce Arians said, “I would be shocked.”

I want to see him kick Father Time’s butt until he’s 50, whether he is stuck on seven rings or is chasing Bill Russell’s 11 by then. Who wouldn’t, other than Jets fans, who will forever hate him, Bill Belichick loyalists and the 31 other NFL head coaches and defensive coordinators? 

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