Timmermann: Ville Husso or Jordan Binnington: Who is better?


Q: I was reading NHL Power Rankings at various sites, and two mentioned that Jordan Binnington’s numbers are a problem and the Blues had goaltending issues. Do the Blues have goaltending issues?

A: Binnington’s numbers do not put him in the class of elite goalies, though they were earlier in the season when he seemed a good candidate for the Canadian Olympic team. Up through when he went out with COVID, he was in general allowing right around 3 goals per game. Since coming back, he’s allowed four goals twice, five once and six once (and at the other end, allowed one and two).

Numbers, as always, can be deceiving. One of the things that made Binnington stand out in the Cup season, and at times since, was that he made big saves when he had to. There were points in games where a goal would have swung the momentum the other way, or put the opponent ahead. He stopped those, buying time for the Blues to get their act together. Then once the Blues were in the lead, he would allow goals. I don’t think it’s been that way this season, as reflected by an 11-8-3 record. He’s allowing goals at bad times.

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