Time for a well-deserved vacation from Scottie Pippen and his many opinions

Man, that Scottie Pippen, what a basketball player! The lockdown defense! The silky smoothness! The balletic dunks that counterbalanced Michael Jordan’s fierce slams!

Whenever someone starts a column listing all the things they like about a person, you can be pretty sure there will be a “but’’ soon after. And you can be pretty sure it won’t end well for that person.

But …

But I wish the part of Pippen’s brain that produces opinions would shut down. When it comes to hot takes, the man is a wildfire. He makes big, bold, noisy statements, then stands back to watch the flames. He’s the guy at the restaurant whose voice reaches every diner. You asked for a table with a view, not a viewpoint.

I know Pippen won’t stop talking, because he can’t help himself. I have a simple solution, however: My first vacation since the pandemic hit will be a long vacation from Scottie Pippen.

His latest unloading, the one that led to my Scottie sabbatical, came in an interview with GQ. In it, he more than implied that Bulls coach Phil Jackson was racially biased when he called a play for Toni Kukoc late in a 1994 playoff game against the Knicks. Jackson and Kukoc are both white. Pippen, who is black, infamously sat out the final 1.8 seconds of that game in protest of the play selection. Kukoc went on to hit the game-winning shot.

“I felt…

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