Tim Anderson pushes to lead, and to inspire: ‘His spirit is infectious,’ Tony La Russa says

DETROIT – If we want to call Tim Anderson the face of the White Sox franchise, we may, it’s cool with him. If we don’t, no worries.

The White Sox star shortstop is going to be who he is off the field, and if that, coupled with the vast talent he display on it makes him not just the man in the middle of the Sox infield but the man on the South Side, it’s all good.

“It’s nothing like, hey I need to be that, I need this to happen,” Anderson said in a conversation with the Sun-Times this weekend. “But if I just keep being me, standing on what I believe in, then I’m happy in my spot where I’m at, where my feet are. And that’s cool, too.”

Anderson is part great player, great attitude, great teammate, great leader. His feet are firmly planted on the floor of the Sox clubhouse, where manager Tony La Russa needs him as a leader.

With his voice, and by example.

“I’m going to keep pushing,” Anderson said, echoing perhaps his most common refrain.

Push, push, push. Bring it every day.

“I’m going to keep leading, and be an example, leading and inspiring people and making my teammates better,” he said.

The White Sox improved to 40-24 with a 15-2 rout against the Tigers Saturday, and it was Anderson who started the proceedings with a hustle double leading off the game…

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