Through career highs and personal lows, Raptors’ Siakam merits all-NBA honours

With the worst behind him, the best is yet to come.

That’s how Pascal Siakam is approaching the news that he has earned all-NBA recognition for the second time in three seasons and following a well-chronicled interim in which he struggled badly in the post-season, struggled at times with his place in the Toronto Raptors organization and then had to recover from off-season shoulder surgery – all in the space of roughly 18 months.

“Going through what I’ve been through as a person and as a basketball player it makes me grow,” said Siakam, who has already started at his off-season base in the Orlando area. “And knowing how fast things can change, I also understand the responsibility that I have to keep the pressure on, keep my foot on the gas, knowing that there’s always [new] levels I can get to.

“And just appreciate the journey … even when things aren’t going the way that I want them to go, just understanding it’s all a journey, and [those struggles are] going to be part of my story. So I’m super grateful and super blessed and I think it makes it even like more humble and more hungry to just want more.”

More of what Siakam is already providing is an enticing prospect for the Raptors and their fan base.

It took him a few weeks this past season to get his legs under him after sitting out training camp…

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