Three reasons Raheem Morris is a strong Vikings coaching candidate

Hiring in any business is a mix of instinct and measuring qualifications. Solely going by which candidate checks the most boxes is efficient but can be short-sighted.

With that said, the latest name to emerge in the Vikings search for a new head coach is intriguing for a number of reasons. I don’t know Raheem Morris personally, nor do I have a sense beyond what I’ve read of his personality and style.

But checking boxes gets you into the conversation. And he fills up a lot of them, as I talked about on Wednesday’s Daily Delivery podcast.

Here are a few reasons he’s so intriguing:

*Much of the discussion about this next Vikings hire has been focused on hiring an offensive-minded coach — a clear departure from the Mike Zimmer era. But a case can be made for defense as well.

Morris? He has experience with both. He came up as a defensive coach, but for five years from 2015-19 he was an offensive assistant with the Falcons. For the last two years he shifted back to defense, coordinating a Rams D that finished in the top five in Football Outsiders’ DVOA this year. And he has already been a head coach, being responsible for all parts of the game.

*Morris is a good mix of youth and experience. He’s only 45. He was probably too young when he had his first chance as a head coach with Tampa Bay…

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