Three Alphas 2.0? The Bulls’ new core isn’t looking for nicknames

It’s not the first time Zach LaVine’s name has popped up in a rap song.

It’s only the latest.

Moved to the Windy City, top five we gonna win. Zach LaVine from the line, all you clowns on the pine. Count it out, just fine,’’ DeMar DeRozan declares in a track he released last week titled “500 M Liquid’’ with a rapper named Problem.

Speaking of problems, LaVine and DeRozan have spent the last week working out with each other, so the rest of the Eastern Conference might have a new problem on its hands. Actually, three problems.

Throw Nikola Vucevic into the mix, and just like that, the Bulls have a “Three Alphas’’ remix.

Bulls fans remember the original well. Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo came together, nicknamed themselves the Three Alphas and guided the Bulls to their last playoff appearance in 2017.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing for the three as egos clashed throughout the season, but they still had the top-seeded Celtics on the ropes in the opening playoff round but let them off the hook after Rondo was lost with a thumb injury.

LaVine, DeRozan and Vucevic, however, promise to operate a bit differently. DeRozan and Vucevic are pretty much ego-free. They aren’t concerned with who the lead alpha is or whose team it is.

At this point in their careers, the ‘‘W’’ is the only goal, and whatever it takes to…

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