Things get heated as Bulls fall to Bucks in first showdown of season

To call the showdown Friday against the Bucks ugly would be underselling it.

If the Bulls had any chance to win, however, it would have to be one of those grimy January games that only a defensive-minded coach like Billy Donovan could embrace.

But the Bulls lost 94-90, so he can hold off on those hugs.

So how low did the first meeting of the season between the Bucks and Bulls sink? It would be hard to ask Grayson Allen, especially after he was ejected.

With 5:45 left in the third quarter, Alex Caruso went up for a layup and was met by Allen, who appeared to swipe aggressively at the ball with one hand but tried sending Caruso into Row 3 with the other. The flagrant-2 foul saw Allen exit stage left and seemed apropos in an already muddy game.

“It was really bad,’’ Donovan said. “For him to take him down like that, you could end his career. I hope the league takes a look at this. Really dangerous play. He has a history of doing that, all the way back to college.’’

The Bulls shot 31-for-85 (36.5%) from the field and 7-for-38 (18.4%) from three-point range, while the Bucks went 34-for-89 (38.2%) from the field and 6-for-31 (19.4%) from three.

Caruso, who’s 6-5, actually spent some time guarding 6-11 superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo. In the end, the Bulls (28-16) just didn’t have the size up front and the…

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