The Triple Team: Jazz lose again on this homestand, but Quin Snyder says progress made amid lineup change

1. Do we believe Quin Snyder should be positive about this loss?

As soon as Quin Snyder began his press conference, without receiving a question, he delivered this statement:

“While it’s not the result that we want, obviously, but I thought we gave a really, really pure, good effort. I think you can feel it watching the game. We’ve got to make a few more shots, Boston hit some tough shots and we had a couple of breakdowns, particularly when Smart hit those threes. But I saw a team that was committed to defending and playing together.”

Do we believe that? Is Quin right? Let’s do a pro and con list.

Pro: The Jazz only gave up 114 points instead of 131 points on Monday. That’s better!

Con: But they did it on far fewer possessions. There were only 88 possessions in this game, per CleaningTheGlass, which means the Jazz had a 128 defensive rating. It was 130 in the Phoenix game. I mean, I guess that’s better, but not by enough to be positive about it.

Pro: But Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, and Jaylen Brown made a bunch of tough shots. This is legitimately true. Tatum, in particular, was on fire, scoring 33 points on 13-20 shooting, including 3-5 from three. And that’s continued a trend for Tatum: he made 8-12 threes last night against Portland, too.

Con: Okay, but there were still so many instances of defensive miscommunication.…

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