The timing of Jon Daniels’ firing was strange, but Rangers made the right choice

ARLINGTON — It wasn’t without the Rangers’ own special blend of awkwardness — who sends out an interim manager to discuss a front-office firing? — but ultimately the local baseball franchise got it right this week. And I take no joy in saying that.

In firing manager Chris Woodward on Monday and president Jon Daniels on Wednesday, the Rangers embarked on an entirely new course. I don’t know where it takes them, but it’s the kind of thing you have to do when the empty seats provide a miserable backdrop in just the second year of selling tickets at Globe Life Field.

“I get judged by how many fans come through the turnstile, based on how well we treat our fans and our performance on the field,’’ owner Ray Davis said near the end of his one-man news conference that preceded Tony Beasley’s appearance.

Look around at the crowds for this Oakland series. From that standpoint, change was mandated.

And I wrote Tuesday that the fans were more interested in waving goodbye to Daniels than Woodward, but I never expected it to happen the next day, nor was it something I was hoping for. Daniels has been around town long enough that I have had a few beers with him (and if you know me at all, you understand that’s going back to 2009 or earlier), and he’s going to be the best GM the club ever had until someone…

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