The Latest Rumblings And Rumors Heading Into The 2022 Draft

There are lies, damn lies and statistics, as the saying goes, but there’s also at least one other common source of misinformation: the run up to the NBA Draft. Between teams’ attempts at guarding their true intentions, agents pumping up the value of their respective clients and those who just want people to believe they’re in the know, it’s all but impossible to parse out what is real and what is fabrication as the NBA Draft inches closer and closer. Some of that is just due to the unpredictable nature of the draft — as in, not everything reported that doesn’t come to fruition is necessarily misinformation — though a significant percentage is still pure bull plop. It’s one of the reasons the NBA Draft is so popular.

And this year, there is no lack of rumors regarding what the Portland Trail Blazers might do Thursday night. Armed with the seventh, 36th and 57th picks and a desire add pieces around Damian Lillard in the hopes of making a quick return to the postseason, General Manager Joe Cronin and his staff have explored just about every option to maximize the first offseason opportunity to add talent to the roster. Initially, many thought that meant trading the pick for a veteran — an option Cronin mentioned in the early stages of the pre-draft process — though the reporting now seems to indicate a desire to select a player for themselves at…

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