The Home-Run-Challenged Cleveland Guardians Are Missing Slugger Franmil Reyes

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After hitting 30 home runs last year, Cleveland Guardians slugger Franmil Reyes has hit just nine … [+] this season, while striking out 104 times. (AP Photo)

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What happened to Franmil Reyes?

The Cleveland Guardians’ deposed cleanup hitter stopped doing what he’s paid to do. Reyes is paid to hit home runs and drive in runs as the cleanup hitter in a Guardians lineup that ranks 29th out of 30 major league teams in home runs.

Home runs and RBI used to be a Reyes specialty. In 2019 he hit 37 homers and in 2021 he hit 30. This year only three Guardians have hit double figures in home runs, and Reyes isn’t one of them.

On August 2 Guardians management got tired of waiting and optioned the 26-year-old slumping slugger, and his nine home runs, to Triple-A Columbus.

“It was not a fun conversation,” said Guardians manager Terry Francona. “He’s not getting to fastballs as well as in the past, and he was showing some frustration. Hopefully he can go down and find the form he’s had in the past.”

Last year on August 5 Reyes had 20 home runs and 51 RBI. This year on August 5: nine home runs and 28 RBI.

In 56 at bats over his last 16 games with Cleveland, prior to being demoted, Reyes hit .179,…

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