The Falcons’ quarterback succession plan is now in place

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For better or worse, the good ship Matty has sailed. Two hours after the trade with Indianapolis was announced, the Falcons signed Marcus Mariota, lately of the Raiders. Drafted No. 2 overall behind Jameis Winston in 2015, Mariota once was a big deal. He served as the Titans’ starter for 4 ½ seasons. He’s apt to be starting for the Falcons in September. He mightn’t be starting in November.

Ridder’s rookie contract will run for four seasons. Mariota’s deal is for two years at $18.75 million. According to Spotrac, only $6.75M is guaranteed – his $1.5M salary for 2022 and a $5M signing bonus. Per Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, Mariota will receive a $3M roster bonus if he’s on the roster next March.

For a Round 3 draftee to start Game 1 of Year 1 is a lot to ask, probably too much. (Wilson did. Montana didn’t.) The narrowness of Mariota’s contract tells us the Falcons deem him a seat-warmer. If Ridder shows anything, a franchise in need of a new No. 1 quarterback will be eager to see what he can do in games that count.

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