The Clippers’ 2022-23 Schedule Quirks

The schedule for the LA Clippers, as well as the rest of the NBA, is officially out. We’ve already earmarked a few of the key matchups that fans should tune into this season, but the Clippers also always have to deal with oddities in their schedule due to being the third tenant in their home arena.

The Los Angeles Kings and Los Angeles Lakers, in that order, get priority in selecting dates and times for games in Arena. That puts the Clippers behind the 8-ball which tends to lead them to some of the things we’re about to cover right here. So, let’s look at a few of the key takeaways from the 2022-23 schedule for the Clippers.


The good news for the Clippers is that they won’t be dealing with 14 sets of back-to-backs like they did last season, but the bad news is that the schedule makers did them no favors because they’re actually going to have more this season. The Clippers have 15 back-to-backs in 2022-23, with three of those sets actually featuring both games at home. Those three sets are as follows: Oct. 30 vs New Orleans and Oct. 31 vs Houston; Nov. 6 vs Utah and Nov. 7 vs Cleveland; and, Dec. 14 vs Minnesota and Dec. 15 vs Phoenix.

The Clippers went 6-8 on the second night of back-to-backs last season, but it should be noted they started the year 0-5…

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