The chatters have found a new Matt Carpenter. His name is Cuonzo Martin


We take on your question about the Mizzou basketball program and potential upgrades to the Cardinals lineup in our weekly chat. Here are some of the highlights.

Missouri coach Cuonzo Martin on the sidelines against Arkansas. (AP Photo/Michael Woods)

Q: As a long-time chat participant – I have come to the realization that Cuonzo Martin has become the new Matt Carpenter in ‘Chatter World.’

A: When the Tigers lose, they do not do it half way. When they go down, they go paws up. The “it’s just one loss” argument fades when there are many losses by massive margins. Those collapses set off all sorts of warning sirens. Martin can still make progress with this team and show sufficient promise to get more time, but it’s safe to say he is on the clock.

Q: Is Cuonzo Martin the Mizzou head men’s basketball coach on May 2, the day his buyout as I understand drops to $3 mil.?  Does your experience tell you that one serious weakness has been his inability to judge talent and to make changes to his coaching staff and other non-player individuals?

A: If the school decides to fire Martin, that contract date won’t prevent it. Martin’s lawyer could use it as leverage to gain favorable settlement structure.

As for Cuonzo, he came into this year without a true point guard and without a SEC-caliber center. This batch of mid-major transfers did not match the…

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