The ant and the cold mountain: Humility helps Jaire Alexander keep stardom in perspective

From a leadership standpoint, Alexander has enjoyed working with rookie first-round pick Eric Stokes and the rest of the young secondary. While Alexander has set a high bar for his peers, he reminds the young cornerbacks on the roster to not be afraid to make mistakes in camp and try new things.

To third-year starting safety Darnell Savage , what separates Alexander is how he attacks every aspect of his craft and doesn’t rest on his laurels.

“You’ve got some guys that are naturally born to just cover and they’re just good at it, no matter what. He’s one of those guys,” Savage said. “He’s just got a gift. I think the one thing I was really more so proud of him, he really took pride in playing off coverage. Because everybody knows he can press. He can be as sticky as he wants to be, but the fact that he can press and play off is pretty game-breaking.”

A strong proponent of yoga and meditation, Alexander takes a modest approach to the increasing notoriety. He’d rather clear his mind with his own thoughts than fill it with external hype.

Standing at the podium Friday, Alexander raised his hands to illustrate how noise tends to climb in lockstep with a player’s improving performance. That’s all well and good, but Alexander doesn’t base his success on that.

Because deep down, regardless of how many bouquets are being thrown at his cleats,…

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