Teri Leiker, killed in Boulder shooting, remembered as reliable, independent woman who loved karaoke and CU marching band

Teri Leiker’s mother penned a letter to her daughter in the wake of unimaginable tragedy.

Her words, read aloud Friday at a public memorial service by a longtime family friend, personified a community’s painful reckoning. Hundreds were gathered inside the CU Events Center.

“I miss her in so many ways,” Leiker friend John Stavely said, relaying the mother’s message. “Hearing her say when she got in the car, ‘Mom, look at those Flatirons. I’m so lucky to live here.’ I will miss, after an outing, dropping her off at home. Her smiling face and dimpled cheek I can no longer plant a kiss on. To tell her how much I love her and that you are my sweet, sweet girl.

“She would smile and say: I know.”

Leiker, 51, was one of 10 people fatally shot March 22 at a Boulder King Soopers grocery store. Diagnosed with mild cognitive difficulties at a young age, Leiker worked as a courtesy clerk at the Table Mesa Drive location for 31 years.

“She was one of the best baggers they ever had,” said Sheri Bosman, Leiker’s former manager at King Soopers. “She always came to work with her name tag and her uniform. She always wanted one of us to make sure she looked good when she came down. She was reliable. I can’t remember when she missed (work).”

Family, friends, and other former coworkers reflected on her legacy during the two-hour…

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