Teammates reflect back on Dustin Brown’s impact on the Kings organization

For Drew Doughty, his first memories of Dustin Brown were of his first ever NHL roommate on the road, during his rookie season.

“It’s hard even to talk about Brownie, honestly,” Doughty said. “He was my roommate my first year in the league, somewhat of a father figure / brother to me. He taught me so much from the get go, I love him so much.”

Doughty was a rookie at the time, his first year in the league. Brown had five professional seasons under his belt and had been named as the team’s captain in the fall, prior to the 2008-09 season.

When reflecting, Doughty used the terms father figure and brother in the same sentence. That’s how their relationship grew.

In Year 1, Doughty was Brown’s coffee guy, bringing a coffee for the veteran back to the room each morning on the road.

“At our hotel, we would order four deserts, we got two each every night before the game, that’s a memory of mine,” Doughty said with a laugh. “I was his coffee guy, every morning I had to go get him his coffee and bring it back. I was the thermostat guy and he was the curtain guy and then I was also the alarm guy, I remember one time I made us late in Colorado, he gave me [crap] for that one.”

Though they were late, Doughty said they found a way to sneak in…

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