Tannehill clarifies misconstrued ‘mentor’ remark

Ryan Tannehill opened his press conference after Tuesday’s Titans OTA by addressing his comments from last month about not being a mentor to rookie QB Malik Willis that were twisted and caused a firestorm on social media.

“It’s almost like I said something that made some waves last time or something,” Tannehill joked as he reached the podium before turning serious to address the matter.

Tannehill’s comments regarding that he didn’t feel he needed to mentor Willis, the Titans’ third-round pick, spread like wildfire across the internet with Tennessee’s starting quarterback getting the brunt of a lot of fans’ ire for the comment that was misconstrued by many.

“I meant no disrespect toward Malik or anything close to that,” Tannehill said Tuesday. “We’ve been in constant communication since he was drafted. … We’ve been kind of getting to know each other, he’s a good person, a talented college player, he’s coming off a great college career. We’re happy to have him in the room.

“I’m really just disappointed with how things were spun and twisted a little bit. I pride myself on being a great teammate. I have my whole career, going back to the tie I was a kid playing youth sports. That’s been something that’s been important to me from the beginning and will always be important to me. It’s something I’ll try to instill in my kids as they start youth sports now is being a great…

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