Straw fan of Cleveland club, leadoff spot

CHICAGO — Indians outfielder Myles Straw got to Guaranteed Rate Field just under two hours before Saturday’s 12-11 victory over the White Sox.

Just a day prior to his race to report to his new team, Straw was out eating with former Astros teammate Kyle Tucker when his phone rang.

“It was probably 10 minutes before the Trade Deadline,” Straw said. “I was like, ‘Oh man, I’m getting traded.’ I answered it. [Astros general manager James Click] told me the news. It’s crazy, just a bunch of emotions, since I’ve been [with Houston] since 2015. Ever since I got drafted, I’ve been there.”

Straw wasn’t expecting to be moved, but once the news sunk in, he started to get excited about his new opportunity. The Indians need a steady, everyday outfielder and the organization already expressed it had been trying to acquire the 26-year-old for over a year. Straw’s exceptional defense and speed are assets the club is looking forward to boasting.

“I talked to Michael Brantley a lot about the organization,” Straw said. “He’s had nothing but good things to say. I’m happy to be here now. It’s a young, very exciting team. This team competes every year. They’re always in the race. I’m glad to come to a contending team, and hopefully I can contribute with that.”

And after a long day of travel, Straw showed up just in time to take part in a long, back-and-forth battle…

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