Story of Raheem Morris in Tampa Bay may get a new coda this weekend

TAMPA — We missed Raheem Morris’ anniversary, and for that we must apologize.

Earlier this month was exactly 10 years since the day the Bucs fired Morris as their head coach. So now that he is returning to Tampa Bay this weekend as the defensive coordinator of the Rams, what would be an appropriate gift to celebrate the worst day of his professional life?

How about a reappraisal?

It’s probably long overdue. He is often dismissed as one of a collection of misfit coaches in Tampa Bay, but that recollection is not entirely fair or accurate. He may have been in over his head as a neophyte head coach but there were other, perhaps more deserving, people to point an accusatory finger at.

For instance, an ownership group that was in an austerity phase when it came to chasing quality players. And general manager Mark Dominik, who was later fired after going 28-52 in five years on the job.

Morris, meanwhile, has never lacked for an office door on which to hang his name and now, after all these years, may have positioned himself for a second shot as an NFL head coach.

After his defense completely shut down Kyler Murray and the Cardinals last weekend in the wild-card round, the Vikings reached out to set up an interview with Morris for their head coaching vacancy.

In retrospect, this should not be a surprise. Even though he made mistakes, even…

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