Still playing the victim, Robert Sarver leaves NBA at last

The multimillionaire banker rose from his courtside seat, watched the visiting Spurs take the floor, and then started flapping his arms.

“Chickens!” Robert Sarver yelled, and this was the enduring highlight of his first season as owner of the Phoenix Suns.

That week in March 2005, Sarver explained he was upset about Gregg Popovich’s decision to hold out Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili with nagging injuries, and he blamed the Spurs for turning what he’d expected to be “a big-time game” into “a downer.” The fact that San Antonio still pushed the Suns to overtime didn’t seem to matter.

From the beginning, Sarver loved playing the victim. And now, 17 years later, as he prepares to more than quintuple his investment while moaning about an “unforgiving climate?”

The world can see what real cowardice is.

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If Sarver had any guts, he’d own up to what he’s done, and who he’s been. If he had a shred of dignity, he’d stick to quiet shame about the decade-plus of alleged sexist, bullying behavior — including the repeated use of a racist slur “when recounting the statements of others” — detailed in a 10-month NBA investigation that confirmed the majority of a disturbing 2021 ESPN report.

Instead, he’d prefer to whine about the consequences of his own actions, as mild as those consequences might be. The NBA suspended him for a…

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