Steve Kerr outlines rotation plan for Steph Curry, Draymond Green

Without Klay Thompson, the Warriors are going to have to try some new things this coming season. Some of the lineup combinations Golden State fans have gotten used to will no longer be viable, though some new ones could potentially take the team to another level.

Some things will stay the same, though. Specifically, you can expect coach Steve Kerr to keep Steph Curry and Draymond Green together on the court, rather than staggering them.

“No, not necessarily,” Kerr told reporters Tuesday when asked if he intends to keep at least one of Curry and Green on the court at all times. “I think we’ve tried that in the past and it seems like I almost always end up going back to play them together. I think they’re such a dynamic pair, offensively especially, together in the pick-‘n-roll. My gut would be from the beginning of this year to just play them together, then try to find another combination when those two guys are on the bench. 

“It’s different I think if you were talking about Steph and Klay. Then I would say yes because I think you need to keep a scorer on the floor all the time. But it’s different with Draymond because part of what makes him special is his pairing with Steph offensively and how well they complement each other on the pick-‘n-roll.”

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Without Thompson’s perimeter shooting,…

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