Steve Kerr leads Warriors to feat last achieved by dynasty Bulls

Steve Kerr is a winner.

The Golden State Warriors didn’t need to become the fourth franchise in NBA history to advance to six NBA Finals in an eight-year span, as they did Thursday night by eliminating Dallas from the Western Conference finals, for this to be true.

And it’s a fact that Chicago Bulls fans know well from Kerr’s days hitting game-winning shots in the 1997 Finals during the second three-peat. Which just so happens to be the last time a franchise advanced to six Finals in an eight-year span.

“I think the common denominator is just talented players who are fierce competitors,” Kerr said late Thursday in San Francisco during his postgame news conference. “Whether you talk about Michael (Jordan) and Scottie (Pippen), Steph (Curry), Draymond (Green), Klay (Thompson), it takes a special kind of athlete to have both dynamics.

“The skill and the athleticism and all that, but to also be just incredibly competitive and to want to win so badly. It’s the only way you can have a run like that because you get exhausted. You get tired. You get frustrated.

“If you don’t have that type of competitive desire and that type of skill combined, it’s just not going to happen six times out of eight years.”

The Warriors are the first franchise to reach the NBA Finals 6 times in an 8-season span since the Jordan-Pippen Bulls from 1991-98.

The only other franchises to do…

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