Sterling Monfort, son of the Rockies’ owner, now leads pro scouting department

Keeping with owner Dick Monfort’s blueprint, the Rockies’ latest big front-office change came in-house. And this time, change also came from within the family.

Sterling Monfort, 30, the owner’s youngest son, has been promoted to director of professional scouting. Sterling, who was serving as the assistant director of scouting operations on the amateur side, officially took over his new post Jan. 1.

“Sterling’s very qualified,” Rockies general manager Bill Schmidt said. “He’s become a very good scout and he’s earned this.”

Perhaps, but it’s quite a leap up the ladder.

Sterling began working with the Rockies in 2014 as a scout and was promoted to assistant director of scouting operations in 2018, working on the amateur side of the game. Now he’s charged with supervising the Rockies’ pro scouting personnel.

Sterling’s promotion has raised eyebrows within baseball from those who remain perplexed about how the Rockies’ front office goes about its business. His older brother, Walker Monfort, 35, has been the Rockies’ vice president of corporate partnerships for the past seven years and is entering his 13th year working in a full-time capacity for the club.

“Sterling has earned a reputation as a diligent, hard worker, but I think he’s out over his skis,” said one longtime veteran of the major league scouting industry. “I mean, Dick Monfort owns the club so he can promote his son if he wants to.

“But Sterling’s only been doing this for eight years…

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