Steph right up: Spurs getting front row seat to the Curry circus

SAN FRANCISCO — One of the most incredible games of Stephen Curry’s incredible career came behind mostly closed doors.

Spurs forward Keldon Johnson was there to see it.

A high schooler at the time, Johnson attended Curry’s basketball camp in North Carolina in the summer of 2017.

It was there, in a just-for-fun pickup game with the Golden State star, that Johnson first got a close-up view of a basketball Picasso at work.

“He ran off about 25 straight (points) on us,” Johnson said, still impressed. “He did the same move like 10 times. He was going left, then sidestep, boom!”

The students facing the two-time NBA MVP that day couldn’t say they didn’t know what was coming.

Curry made sure of that.

“He would tell us what he was going to do before he did it,” Johnson said. “Every time.”

On Saturday at the Chase Center in San Francisco, Johnson is set to cross paths with his old camp counselor again.

The Spurs are hoping to keep Curry from toying with them like a bunch of overmatched kids.

After two injury-plagued seasons lost in the NBA draft lottery, the Warriors have returned to their place as one of the most formidable teams on the planet.

Curry, naturally, is a big reason why.

“He’s a sniper,” Johnson said.

Heading into Friday, Curry was averaging 27.8 points, second-most in the NBA behind Brooklyn’s Kevin Durant and tops in the Western Conference.…

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