Steph Curry explains ‘nighty night’ on 49ers’ big night for MNF Manningcast

America’s favorite athlete, who seems to take on a new and different adventure every day, hooked up with the Manning brothers Monday night, appearing on the Manningcast(ESPN2) of the MNF broadcast of the San Francisco 49ers ’ game against the Los Angeles Rams.

Curry, just back from a Tokyo trip with the Golden State Warriors, where he thrilled another nation with his skills and mostly just his presence, sat in the Peyton and Eli during the third quarter, as the 49ers were stomping the Rams.

No big revelations, because the Manningcast is mostly small talk and mindless chatter with the drop-in guests, sandwiched awkwardly in with the football. Curry was the guest between Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts and actor John Hamm.

The Curry highlight? Probably the Mannings showing an old Curry family snapshot of Steph in a football uni, No. 30, at age 8 or 9. Or maybe he was 19 at the time, with Curry it’s hard to tell. Amazingly enough, it’s a cute photo.

“That’s a star-studded running back right there,” Curry said. “Two touchdowns in the PAL league back in Charlotte.”

Curry explained the gigantic thigh and knee pads on his pencil-thin legs: Mom made him pad up to the max.

“My mom was like, if you’re going out there, you’re wearing every piece of equipment they’ve got.”

A million Warriors fans thank Sonja Curry for that tough love.

The Mannings asked Curry about the Warriors’ trip…

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