St. Louis Blues Pavel Buchnevich Gets Deserved Suspension

It’s very rare in the world of sports to convince any fan that someone on their team did anything wrong. That’s why you know what St. Louis Blues forward Pavel Buchnevich did was egregious when many are on board with the outcome.

The league’s Department of Player Safety announced Tuesday that Buchnevich would receive a two-game suspension. Honestly, that’s pretty fair.

For those that missed it, in the first period of the Blues second game of the season, Buchnevich was assessed a match-penalty. Buchnevich was crosschecked to the face and proceeded to headbutt his opponent when the man got up in his face.

As a human being, it is hard to completely condemn Buchnevich. Lawson Crouse got what he deserved to a degree.

Even though we all love the sport of hockey, the amount of sticks that hit people in the face or the small of the back is getting a little ridiculous. We would all love to see someone just take it and move on for the sake of the team, but the fact is that Buchnevich is human. You reach a boiling point and logic leaves you.

Thus, the stupid headbutting incident. The reason it is stupid is not because he retaliated, but how he retaliated.

Crosscheck the guy back. Spear him in the midsection or straight up punch him in the face.

Headbutting is just this weird action that crosses a line. There are no set rules…

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