St. Louis Blues Jake Walman Signing Greeted With Yawns

The St. Louis Blues re-signed one of their depth defensive prospects. It did not generate much buzz, if any at all.

There’s an old saying that asks if a tree falls and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? The St. Louis Blues might have answered that question.

The Blues re-signed their defensive prospect, Jake Walman, to a two-year extension. The contract signing generated no response at all, really.

There were a couple social media posts, passing on the news. Some had almost no comments at all and the others were your general I hope to see him get a shot soon type of response.

In general, Walman has lost almost all the buzz he had from just a couple years ago. He remains on the fringe with the team, but as far as fans go there is little excitement surrounding his name at the moment.

Walman is in that danger zone as a player. He is not old, by any means, clocking in at 24 years old heading into whatever amounts to the coming season.

However, by that age, players start to fall into certain categories as far as an organization is concerned. If you haven’t really cracked the NHL by your mid-20’s, it is unlikely your career will see more than a handful of games at that level.

The Blues are still currently saying all the right things. Team GM Doug Armstrong said that…

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