Spring notes on Mancini’s hitting approach, analytics and more – Steve Melewski

Manager Brandon Hyde has spent some time talking about the Orioles continuing move toward more use of data, technology and analytics since the start of spring training. New pitching coach Chris Holt led a big move toward data and tech to the Baltimore farm in 2019 and it’s matriculated to the big league pitchers as well. It was cited by veteran righty Matt Harvey as one reason he signed with the Orioles.

But where does that leave the big league hitters? Do they have the same opportunities to use data and technology? The organization hired a number of younger hitting coaches for the farm before the 2020 season. And Hyde said use of analytics is readily available to the O’s batters too.

“Yeah, I think that that is evolving,” Hyde said during his Monday Zoom interview with reporters. “Absolutely, our analytics team, they are diving into not only the pitching but the hitting as well. Even into some baserunning things and defense definitely. So I think our hitters, we’re pretty young at the plate with a lot of young position players and I know they are very interested in what their numbers say.

“Analytics, there is a lot under that umbrella. So as a young player, it’s learning what works for you. How to apply the data. And our guys, this is our third year now, have definitely gotten more accustomed to it. It’s definitely continuing to grow.”

On an…

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