Solomon: Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds deserve to be in Hall of Fame

On Tuesday, we will find out if Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I figured steroids accusations would keep the all-time greats from being first-ballot choices, a penalty for breaking the rules. That they would get to their 10th and final year of eligibility without earning a nod surprises me.

If baseball wanted a Hall of Fame without scoundrels and cheats and steroids users, a small double-wide would be twice the space needed to house those who could get in.

As is, Clemens and Bonds should have been inducted by now, joining the other questionable characters who are already in.

After this year, the pair, who are linked by on-the-field greatness and performance-enhancing drugs, will have to rely on the Veterans Committee for their final and most meaningful baseball honor.

This is not a just punishment for their transgressions, particularly Clemens, the former University of Texas star who has repeatedly and emphatically denied steroids use.

What else is an innocent man supposed to do?

Clemens even proclaimed his innocence before Congress, which led to a ridiculous pot-kettle prosecution for lying. Found not guilty by a jury of his peers, Clemens nevertheless walked out of that Washington, D.C., courtroom in 2012 convicted in the court of public opinion.

His sentence? Annual embarrassment at not getting voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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