Solomon: Rockets’ Rafael Stone shows he can rebuild on the fly

Rockets general manager Rafael Stone and coach Stephen Silas had a conversation about the events that transpired shortly after they were hired.

You know, the not-so-everyday occurrences of a team’s two best players demanding trades, then being traded?

Stone and Silas even managed to chuckle about it all.

“I told Stephen that when I hired him, I didn’t know that all this would unfold the way that it unfolded,” Stone said. “I wanted to make sure that he knew that I didn’t know.

“He said, ‘I didn’t know that when I was being hired (either).’ But he said to me, ‘I would have taken the job anyway.’ I said to him, ‘Me too.’

“Even if you had perfect knowledge of what the future would hold, if you would have done it anyway, then it is what it is … no regrets.”

That they were hardly fazed by the sudden major turn of events is a testament to their readiness to handle their new positions.

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The Rockets are in capable hands.

In his opening statement during the news conference in which he and Silas were introduced, Stone said the Rockets presented a unique opportunity for a first-time GM.

“Personally, most importantly, I’m inheriting this team of guys that I really know and really like, led by James (Harden) and Russ (Westbrook),” Stone said. “Not many people get this opportunity for the first time with these types of…

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